Olokoro Development Union, Washington DC, Metropolitan Area Chapter, is a registered non-profit organization and will operate exclusively for charitable purposes and for development of our community in Olokoro in Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria. We are a public charitable, 501(C) (3)  not-for-profit organization. Your contribution to our organization is tax deductable.

On behalf of Olokoro Development Union, Washington DC, Metropolitan Area Chapter, welcome to our website. We are sons and daughters of Olokoro community residing within, Washington DC, Commonwealth of Virginia and Maryland. Our primary objectives is to uphold our ancestral tradition of community developments through “self help”. We are motivated and inspired by exemplary leadership and accomplishments of our parents back in Olokoro, Abia State in Nigeria. We are fully aware of our common heritage and therefore, committed to the altruistic spirit, that we are sojourners in this beloved country, United States of America and subscribing to the adage that “UNITY IS STRENGHT”.

While you are visiting and exploring our site, we will encourage you to familiarize with some of our projects, like assisting to revitalize some of the school buildings at Sancta Crux Secondary School in Olokoro, providing healthcare services to the underprivileged in Olokoro and provision of clean drinking water in Olokoro.

More importantly, we try to instill our rich Olokoro cultural heritage to our children that are born here in United States of America.


Olokoro Development Union
Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area
Chapter.Box 1325 Lanham,
Seabrook,MD 20703-1325
email: odudc.com
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